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Step 5. Drop Off  

Dropping off your tagged items

  • Choose your drop off appointment through your seller account 

  • Bring clothing covered by trash bags with hook of hangers coming through bottom of bag- leave bottom of bag open and you can reuse. They lay flat in your vehicle

  • Label any totes you bring so that when you leave without it I know who to call  

  • When you arrive, follow the consignor drop off signs to the sale entrance and park. Feel free to use the rolling carts outside. 

  • We will inspect your items for quality, and you can assist us in placing the items on the sales floor in category/size.  ** Consignor assistance is result of Covid 19 distancing standards. 

  • If you need to make more than 1 trip- just choose an additional drop off time- no need to be back to back appointments. 

  • You'll sign your consignor agreement, collect your Pre-Sale passes and be on your way!

  • As the sale closes each night, I will upload your sold items into your seller page- "Drum Roll Please"  

Pick up of unsold items 

Consignors are responsible for retrieving their unsold items from the sales floor at the conclusion of the sale. We will upload your sold items for that last day as soon as the last customer checks out, and you can access your unsold items list for pick up.  Bring totes or boxes with you.

We will sort clothing racks by consignor number as time allows.

Be sure to check in “stained item and item missing tags” section.  

All items left will be donated to our charity partners.  


All consignors must see a team partner before leaving. 


Getting Paid

All consignor checks are mailed within 10 days after sale close, although it’s normally quicker. Checks are mailed to the address in your seller account, so if you move between registration and sale close, please let us know. If you have not received your check within 15 days of sale close, email me at and I will stop pay on the first check and reissue at no charge if notified within 30 days of sale close.  Lost/missing checks after 30 days will incur a $15 stop payment fee.     We are working on email/paypal checks for the near future(stay tuned) 

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