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Step 4. Price & Tag 

How to Enter & Price  

  • Log Into and click consignor log in
  • Click Enter Items and use drop down menus to price and describe items.
  • We require a brief description of item: Blue monkey tee / pink i love mom sleeper.  If the tag falls off item, we can search and reattach. If no description- your item will go to the land of misfit items for you to pick up at sale close :( 
  • Be sure to use the category the item belongs in. If not, the item may be placed in wrong area of sales floor
  • The software pre-populates the last category, size, description and discount/donate settings so- I highly recommend sorting clothing by size and even brand before starting to tag. 
  • Change discount/donate settings by clicking on box 
  • **** Tags print in the order the items were entered, take a stack of clothes enter one and flip face down to new stack. That will be item #1 and so on.  
  • After you log out, you can access previously entered items through " manage inventory "
Printing Tags
  • Tags print 6 per page on white card stock 
  • Click print tags from seller account. Click all and refresh for all items, or click individual items you want printed.
  • You can choose to download a pdf 
  • Firefox tends to give trouble for printing- we suggest to switch browser to Chrome
  • We recommend pricing items at 25-35% of original price-  remember, what would YOU buy it for at a consignment? 

  • Minimum price is $2- group like items (onesies) together or make outfits 

  • See our downloadable pricing guideline for recommendations  

  • Price and condition/style are the biggest reasons items don't sell  (priced too high/stains/excess wear/out of style 

  • Our shoppers have a lot to choose from- price it to make them put it in their bag-not back on the rack

Should I Discount? 

If your goal is to sell the items you bring us, we recommend marking them for discount.  They will sell at full price until our final day, when a change is made in our register system to recognize your item was marked as discount.  Customers see that the item is marked for discount so they will snag it when they see it, to make sure they get it before anyone else. 

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