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Step 3. Prep your items  
Reading with Magnifying Glass

Supplies You'll Need
  • Hangers- Please use size appropriate hangers.  Larger sizes on infant hangers will cause item to land on floor/ Smaller sizes on adult hangers will stretch item out and make it look unappealing.

  • White Card Stock - doesn't rip as easy as paper 

  • Safety Pins - 1 1/2" or larger please, or tagging gun  (be sure to note proper placement of tag to prevent hole in garment

  • Zip Loc type bags 

  • Clear packing tape & duct type tape

  • Zip Ties 

  • Dollar store batteries 


  • Attach owners manual to baby gear/electronics 

  • State original price on more expensive items 

  • Use Painters tape on books or delicate items to prevent damage

  • Include a picture of anything too large to assemble 

Prepare Items- check out our videos below


  • The better they look- the better they sell!  Leave the summer camp and I Love NY Shirts at home- they are not desirable.  Check for stains in good lighting- formula stains will set while they are in storage.

All clothing should be on hangers with the hook of hanger facing the left. The item will be facing you if looking at it.

Tags go on right side (opposite of hook) in a seam  (see pic above)

For outfits, Hang shirt on hanger, and attach pant to back of shirt with safety pins going through shirt, pant and around hanger.  Attach accessories like bows in zip loc bag and pin to hanger. Be sure to note all items in tag description 

  • Sets of under shirts/onesies- Hang first and pin the rest behind it- they do not sell in bags


  • Shoes should be in very good/excellent condition- no scuffs, excess wear, foot marks on insoles 

  • Zip tie or use ribbon to attach shoes together and pin tag to zip tie or through lace.  Shoes will price of $15 and up will be separated and 1 shoe will stay at register for security. Please hand write a second tag for the second shoe with info. 


  • When selling multiple books- place them in zip loc bag- fold over and tape seal to prevent separation  and attach tag with packing tape on front of bag.  For individual books- attach tag to back cover with painters tape to prevent book from ripping 

  • Be sure to enter title on tag- If you write "book" and the tag comes off, the item cannot be sold 

Baby Gear/ Toys/ Everything Else

  • Remove fabric seats from swings/exersaucers etc. and launder them- we will look!

  • Gather all pieces of item and put in zip loc bag.  Attach bag securely to item with clear packing tape- avoiding stickers or price tag.   Items need all pieces/accessories to be sold 

  • If item uses batteries, add fresh battery from dollar store- item must work to be sold 

  • Attach owners manual if possible 

  • Attach picture of item if full assembly isn't feasible

How to Enter & Price  

  • Log Into and click consignor log in
  • Click Enter Items and use drop down menus to price and describe items.
  • We require a brief description of item: Blue monkey tee / pink i love mom sleeper.  If the tag falls off item, we can search and reattach. If no description- your item will go to the land of misfit items for you to pick up at sale close :( 
  • Be sure to use the category the item belongs in. If not, the item may be placed in wrong area of sales floor
  • The software pre-populates the last category, size, description and discount/donate settings so- I highly recommend sorting clothing by size and even brand before starting to tag. 
  • Change discount/donate settings by clicking on box 
  • After you log out, you can access previously entered items through " manage inventory "
Printing Tags
  • Tags print 6 per page on white card stock 
  • You can choose to download a pdf 
  • Firefox tends to give trouble for printing- we suggest to switch browser 
  • We recommend pricing items at 25-35% of original price-  remember, what would YOU buy it for at a consignment? 

  • Minimum price is $3- group like items (onesies) together or make outfits 

  • See our downloadable pricing guideline for recommendations  

  • Price and condition/style are the biggest reasons items don't sell  (priced too high/stains/excess wear/out of style 

  • Our shoppers have a lot to choose from- price it to make them put it in their bag-not back on the rack

Please note-disregard video where it says to pin to front of garment- Please pin to seam to prevent damage to item!

How to enter descriptions

How to tag

Hanging Pants 

Shoe  Prep

Hanging 2pc sets 


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