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Be our Partner 

Want to keep more of your sales? 

Consignors that work with us during the sale are our Partners, aka Our “tribe.”

As a partner, you get to meet and hang out with other Moms & Dads while working with us- We have a ball!  As a Thank You, our partners receive early shopping passes to shop before the public.  Your pass is dependent on the amount of hours you work. We schedule our shifts in 2 hour increments for your convenience.  You’ll retain 5% extra of your sales for every 4 hours you work, up to 75% (12 hrs) 


           12 hour partners-  Work at least 12 hours and retain 75% of your sales. You also receive a 4pm Pre-Sale pass, plus a 7pm pass for a friend. 


           8 hour partners-   Work at least 8 hours and retain 70% of your sales.  You also receive a 5pm Pre-Sale pass, plus a 7pm pass for a friend. 


           4 hour partners-  Work at least 4 hours and retain 65% of your sales.  You also receive a 6pm Pre-Sale pass, plus a 7pm pass for a friend. 

Please arrive a few minutes early to get instructions prior to your first work time.  Children cannot accompany you to work times.  Responsible teens (with prior approval from Cristy)  and family/friends may work with you to increase your hours.  If an emergency arises and you cannot make your shift calll 302-722-1524, and we will do the best we can to cover the shift.  You can send a family member or friend in your place which will allow you the early shopping privileges and a higher take home percentage.  However, you must call or email to ensure proper credit.   

Work shifts can be found under the Partner tab in your seller account. 

"Job" listings:   The Husbands like these jobs 

  • Set Up /  Involves carrying wooden racks and metal poles, using drills to set up equipment.

  • Hold Area/ Place large items in the hold area for customers and carry  them to vehicles after paid.

                               Husbands Don't Like to be scheduled for these jobs 

  • Consignor Check In- Inspect incoming items for quality, return unacceptable items to consignors.

  • Organize sales floor- Where are my OCD peeps at??  If you like to make things neat and organized, this is the job for you. 

  • Register Assistant- Helping customers empty purchases onto a rack or table, then bagging items as they are paid for.

  • Door Greeter-  ** during Covid19- we will be accepting free/paid tickets for entry at door, and tracking the number of people in the building 

  • Sales floor help-  Assisting customers with questions, keep sales floor neat

  • Sort/Breakdown - sort unsold items by consignor on the racks.

We provide snacks and drinks :)

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