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Turn your kids clutter into cash- we can help!

What is Consigning?

Consigning is having a business sell an item(s) for you and paying the business a portion of the sales price.

What if I have questions?

Check out the Consign section on this site. Once registered, consignors receive emails with tips and suggestions, and you'll be invited into our Facebook Consignor Group  where we all help each other.

You can also email me at - I'm here to help you!

Why is As They Grow better than the buy-sell-trade groups?

It's faster & easier to sell/buy with As They Grow at one time, instead of 1 piece here, 1 piece there. No meeting strangers in parking lots or giving people your home address.

Plus- Have you ever seen people argue and fight- woah, am I right? 

How much do I make? 

Consignors keep 60% of the sold items price, and can keep up to 75% when they participate as a team member. Our average consignor earns over $300 for their kids clutter!

Why is As They Grow more fun than a yard sale? 

Bad weather doesn't cancel us

No early birds stalking you at 6am

We do the advertising to local families

NO haggling over price

You don't have to be present for your things to sell with us. 

No giving strangers your address

Is there a fee to


Yes, there is a small fee per location to help cover rental fees, insurance, advertising, and other expenses.

However, Consignors that help 4 hours are given a partial refund, and consignors that help 8 or more hours receive a full registration refund.

How does As They Grow help our community?

Our event helps local families:

Earn money for their outgrown items

Save money on the sizes they need now

Items that are donated at end of sale support local charities and families in need

Recycling kids items keeps them out of our landfills, so we help the environment too!

Do I need to supply hangers? 

Yes, Consignors do supply their own hangers.  Click here for some ideas to get them free or really cheap!

How do I sell?

  Our average consignor earns over $300 in sales! 

 Consignors keep 60%, up to 75% if helping at our sale, minus a $8 non refundable consignor fee. 


  • Register as a consignor using link above.  Watch our "get started" video.

  • Consignors use our easy software to register and price your items for sale.

  • Print and attach the tags to your items- we have videos & directions to help you along- You'll be surprised how much you get done!

  • Drop off your tagged items at our sale location during our sale week. 

  • Check your sales nightly, our system lets you know what sold each day.

  • ​Pick up your unsold items on the last day of the sale, or choose to have them donated to our charity partners. 

  • Your  E-check comes within 10 days of sale close for 60% of what your items sold for- up to 75% if you join us as part of the Crew.  If you'd prefer, we can mail your check. 


Why Join the Crew? 

                                                                                             Earn MORE of your items sold price!

                                                                                   Shop EARLY before the public!

                                                                                                        Enjoy some "Me" time hanging with other                                                    fun Moms!

Consignors that work with us during the sale are our partners, aka ”The Crew." 

As a partner, you get to meet and hang out with other Moms & Dads while working with us- We have a ball!  As a Thank You, our partners receive early shopping passes to shop before the public.  Your pass is dependent on the amount of hours you work. We schedule our shifts in 2 hour increments for your convenience.  You’ll retain 5% extra of your sales for every 4 hours you work, up to 75% (12 hrs) 


           12 hour partners-  Work at least 12 hours and retain 75% of your sales. You also receive the earliest  Pre-Sale pass, plus a pass for a friend. 


           8 hour partners-   Work at least 8 hours and retain 70% of your sales.  You also receive a  Pre-Sale pass, plus a pass for a friend. 


           4 hour partners-  Work at least 4 hours and retain 65% of your sales.  You also receive a  Pre-Sale pass, plus a pass for a friend. 

Please arrive a few minutes early to get instructions prior to your first work time.  Children cannot accompany you to work times.  Responsible teens (with prior approval from Cristy)  and family/friends may work with you to increase your hours.  If an emergency arises and you cannot make your shift call 302-722-1524, and we will do the best we can to cover the shift.  You can send a family member or friend in your place which will allow you the early shopping privileges and a higher take home percentage.  However, you must call or email to ensure proper credit.  

Work shifts can be found under the Partner tab in your seller account. 

We provide snacks and drinks :)

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